A starter kit for your Material Design 2 project – exclusively for Figma

Figma Material Design 2 UI Kit helps you quickly design mockups and (high fidelity) prototypes with hundreds of responsive components & widgets. All carefully crafted from ground up taking advantage of Figmas component system.

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Buttons, Labels, Cards, Inputs and many more ready-to-use components. Build prototypes by dragging them from the team library into your artboard/frame (or simply use copy&paste).



Prebuilt layouts to create common user screens like Login, Signup, Gallery, Checkout. Just rely on common UX best practices.
(Pro version only)


Example Apps + Flows

Still thinking about the proper signup flow? We got you covered!
Ready made user flows and common app templates (finance, chat, social, ...).
(Pro version only)

Material Design 2 UI Kit

Use it in your Figma projects – easily add hundreds of ready-made Material design elements to your team library.

Free UI Kit

  • 50+ Material UI elements
  • 1 App prototype
  • Figma components
  • team-library ready
  • Text Styles & Color Palette
  • 100% based on Material Design Guidelines
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Material UI Kit Pro

  • For commercial use
  • +
  • 30+ advanced components
  • 5+ App prototypes
  • Full design system
  • Example flows and layouts
  • 1 year free updates 🎈
  • E-Mail support
$50 – Buy now
We offer 100% money-back guarantee.

Material Design elements included in the UI Kit