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This free Figma Plugin will help you go from blank canvas to app screens in minutes.

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Mobile screens

App UI pattern library including the most common screen layouts:

Login, Settings, Discover, Blog, Feed, Account, Gallery, Empty State, Launch Screen, User Page...


Content Blocks

Prebuilt content blocks to quickly fill your app screens. Search for your element by keywords or browse through categories.

Explore Components

Material UI

Drag & Drop elements

Skip the burden of adding massive Team Libraries or Design Systems that will slow down your creative process.
Select your element, click COPY TO FIGMA and paste it.

From App idea to prototype in minutes in Figma

Figma App UI Builder Plugin

UI Builder Plugin

  • 120+ Mobile UI Pattern
  • Material UI Kit Components
  • 300+ Content Blocks
  • Global Color Styles
  • Auto-Layout & Variants
  • 100% based on Material Design Guidelines
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Mobile Pattern included in the Figma UI Builder Plugin

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Let's stop 💅 styling buttons and start 🏗️ building apps!